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Intelligence refers to the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. As an academic and as a management and marketing consultant I have a passion for the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills in the field of global sport business. I am a Professor of International Sport Business at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia and I have Visiting Professorial appointments at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) in Belgium, the Real Madrid Graduate School at the European University of Madrid in Spain, and at the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) in Beijing, China.

My Sport Business Intelligence blog is at the heart of this site. I want to engage with all who have an interest in, and opinion about global sport business. You can do that passively by reading the blog, or actively by responding to it, or even start contributing content that I may use in future blog postings. 

Some of my sport business intelligence projects and outputs

Recent research consulting projects

I am very excited about a number of projects that I am involved in. Most recently we started a project with the ITF (International Tennis Federation): 'Evaluating the Play and Stay Campaign. Tim Buszard and Damian Farrow are leading this project and I am happy to make a contribution.

With Tennis Australia we are working on a project that we have titled Sport Business Intelligence. Nader Chmait is our postdoctoral research fellow working full time on this project, together with Machar Reid from Tennis Australia, Rochelle Eime, Sam Robertson and Carmine Sellitto from VU.

With Camilla Brockett and Damian Farrow we are running ‘Physical literacy – a foundation for sporting excellence in India’. on behalf of the Australia India Council, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Commonwealth Government of Australia. An extension of this project led to a partnership with Procam, owners and organisers of amongst other major events 'the Mumbai marathon' during which we surveyed 100s of participants on their physical literacy history.

With Professor Bob Stewart, Jack Harvey, and Rochelle Eime we are conducting a project into 'the social impact of tennis', on behalf of Tennis Australia.

Also with Camilla Brockett, Damian Farrow and various ISEAL team members we are running another project in India titled 'Building capacity in the State sporting systems'. This project is run in the state of Punjab, India  on behalf of the State Government of Punjab (start in 2016 – 5 year contract)

A long running project in India titled ‘Sporting excellence through partnership and development’, is about to be extended into phase 2 and is run with Michael Linley,  Camilla Brockett and Damian Farrow, on behalf of the State Government of Kerala, India (2014-2019)

With Aurelie Pankowiak and Camilla Brockett we are looking into  ‘Identifying key policy factors leading to elite parasport success’,  on behalf of the Australian Paralympic Committee. (2015-2019).

We are about to finish a national survey, phase 4 of a comprehensive ‘Market trends in female active-wear buyer behaviour’ project I am working on with  Clare Hanlon, Jonathan Robertson and  Ramon Spaaij, on behalf of the Australian Sporting Goods Association.

With Claire Jenkin, Rochelle Eime and Jannique van Uffelen we are looking into  ‘Sport participation and active ageing, on behalf of the Australian Sports Commission

And with Michael Linley and Eric Schwarz we are working on  ‘Developing a Global Sport Index’. This work is in partnership with Sportcal (UK). (2012-ongoing). The project is about developing a rating system for major sporting events to assess their impact on the communities that host them. 


Recent opinion output

Westerbeek, H.M. (2016). Sport cartels no different to the drug trade. At

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Most recent academic work

Eime, R. M., Harvey, J., Charity, M. J., Casey, M., Westerbeek, H. and Payne, W. R. (2017), The relationship of sport participation to provision of sports facilities and socioeconomic status: a geographical analysis. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 41: 248–255. doi:10.1111/1753-6405.12647

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