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Creating post pandemic share value in higher education and sport: new business models

I was lucky enough to participate in a Harvard Business School alumni webinar earlier this month, where Professor Rebecca Henderson spoke to us about her new book, ‘Reimagining Capitalism in a world on fire’. Her opening statement – that “genuinely free and fair capitalism is one of humanity’s …

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In a disrupted world, can a return to sport (business) provide hope and perspective?

(with Rochelle Eime, a shorter version of this article was published in the Herald Sun on 22 May 2020)

Unlike the definition of disruption, which reads along the lines of ‘a disturbance or problem that interrupt…’, it seems that during the last decade the world has quietly slipped into a comprehe…

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Hong Kong and the power of sport


The power of sport has been underplayed by those contending that sport is merely a frivolous pastime for the relatively few who can afford the leisure of it. Recent events in Hong Kong and by extension in China, have once again proven this naiveite to be wrong. Months of mostly non-violent upris…

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The rights of athletes and the rising power of the stars

Where the loss of democracy in society at large presents clear and present danger, the counter balancing movement of crumbling autocratic and self-regulated power in international sport governing bodies delivers a much-needed opportunity towards developing transparency and accountability in world sp…

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Forever young - how older Australians can turn back the clock (with Rochelle Eime)

Sport Australia has just delivered $23 million to its Better Ageing program, aimed at encouraging older Australians to participate more in sport and physical activity. In terms of a broader health policy, this seems like a good fit. Australians are ageing rapidly as the 3.7 million residents now age…

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Sport 2030 – will Australia regain its leading sport nation status?

On the first of August 2018 the Minister for Sport, the Honourable Bridget McKenzie (@senbmckenzie), launched the long awaited National Sports Plan, or ‘Sport 2030’ – for Australia to be(come) the world’s most active and healthy sporting nation, known for its integrity and sporting success. Around t…

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I have seen the future (of sport) and it is about sustainability and analytics

The grass is always greener on the other side… Or is it? I am on my way back home – to Melbourne – the most liveable city in the world as judged by a panel of wise women and men. And indeed, I live and love living in Melbourne (@cityofmelbourne) because of how great a city it is, with so much …

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Is India the sleeping giant of world sport?

If the size of a nation’s population is an indicator of the talent pool for elite sporting success, then India should be alongside China on the Olympic medal rankings. But it is not. Whilst China consistently appears in the top three of medal rankings, India is painfully absent from the top 20, hove…

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The Champions League semi-finals - first signs that AS Roma leads football into the digital age?

Paul Rogers (@paulrogers73) is the Head of Digital Media at AS Roma. Headquartered in Boston, he is spearheading the Italian football icon’s journey into digital. I was fortunate enough to be (again) chairing the @BOSSummit, Business of Sport Summit ( in Sydney last mon…

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Value destruction in sport business - the case of Australian cricket

The land down under is built on the foundations of convict labour. Boats full of unwanted ‘criminals’ landed in Sydney and Melbourne just over 200 years ago to be put to work to build modern Australia – the rulers of England could sentence you to be deported to the Australian penal colony for steali…

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Tokyo 2020 and the future of sport business

On the front pages of the Japan News, throughout my few days in Tokyo, the pressing matters regarding our future are laid out to me. Climate scientists are alarmed about the unprecedented ‘above average’ temperatures in the Arctic. Trump is threatening to unleash a trade war, even when this clearly …

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The costs (or benefits) of Olympic Winter gold

It is the final day of the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Unlike many Australians, most of whom would prefer the Summer Games or even the Commonwealth Games as a two-week broadcast or social media sport watching overdose, I have looked up the day’s results on the Olympic Winter ap…

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Lance Armstrong was only the leader in the doping peloton: cycling doping doctor explosive confessions

Peter Janssen was a doctor in the cycling peloton for more than two decades. At the age of 75, from his home in Thailand, he seems to seek salvation for his sins. In an explosive exposé, he fully discloses his systematic experimenting and provision of epo and blood transfusions in particular, and of…

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why the UFC is leaving boxing for dead

The objective of the fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is pretty much the same as that of boxers in various rivalling boxing associations – to smash or punch the living daylights out of each other. However, UFC is raking it in all over the world whereas boxing, the established cen…

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Olympic Games: any takers?

Reality has finally caught up with the International Olympic Committee. In a world that is becoming more volatile economically, politically and socially the Olympic Games attract the wrong attention. An event that has become too big for its own good, too hard, too risky and too expensive to organise…

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Margaret Court and Marriage Equality

It has taken a while to get started on this blog.... Recently returned from Harvard Business School I have found myself out of time and out of breath! Managed to take in a few NBA finals and baseball games during the rare downtime - saw Lebron play against Isiah, the Red Sox in Boston's Fenway Park …

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A warm sport business intelligence welcome

Welcome to my blog. Sport Business Intelligence is all about the stuff that is happening in the global sport business industry that requires smart analysis, evidence, interpretation, triangulation, and last but not least, opinion founded on the previous bits. I will put forward my bit, but increasin…

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